Ingredients: Purified well water, aloe vera gel, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), carbamide, propylene glycol, octyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, rose hips oil, panthenol, PEG 8 stearate, monoi de Tahiti oil, progesterone USP (derived from Soy and/or Mexican Wild Yam), glycerin, polysorbate 65, sodium hyaluronate (100%), d-alpha (natural vitamin E) & mixed tocopherols, citrus oils, TEA carbomer, and grapefruit seed extract.



Massage a rounded 1/8 tsp (full pump equals 1/4 tsp) of cream into hands and body twice daily.  Individual needs may vary.  Patented (US 6,183,758) transdermal delivery system with 7% MSM.


Highland Labs

Fem Pro Progesterone with MSM Cream

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BE176, Fem Pro Progesterone with MSM Cream