Custom Supplement Manufacturing



We will help turn your ideas for a custom formulation into a reality.  Our Director of Quality and Compliance, chemist John Mills, has 20+ years of research experience.  He and his scientific team will carefully balance your ideas for ingredients, format, and target price in order to create a truly personalized, high quality product for you and your customers. 

Raw Material Sourcing and Procurement

 Our reputation is reliant on our ability to consistently source high quality raw materials utilizing state of the art validation and quality assurance methods to ensure consistent, effective and safe products. We maintain a network of reputable raw material vendors who, as required by our Vendor Accreditation Program, provide laboratory analysis and documentation on each and every ingredient brought in to our facility. All raw materials are placed in quarantine until in-house microbial and chemical analysis tests are performed. Materials that do not pass are rejected and returned to the vendor.

In some instances where a customer has a unique, hard-to-find ingredient, we accept customer-supplied materials. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of our Director of Quality and Compliance.

Raw supplements

Certified Organic

Our manufacturing facility is Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, so we have the ability to produce vitamins and supplements in both conventional and organic forms.  

Product Forms

Highland Laboratories offers a wide variety of tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, creams and lotions for your product line.  Capsules and tablets come in a variety of sizes.  Minimum order quantities are low. 

  • Capsules: 50,000

  • Tablets: 50,000

  • Powders: 500 Pounds

  • Liquids: 1,000 Bottles

  • Creams & Lotions: 1,000 Jars


Packaging Options

Highland Laboratories provides standard packaging as well as a variety of special bottling and packaging options.

Manufacturing and Shipping Times

Each member of our team is committed to ensure that your order is prepared to your exact specifications and shipped on time, to virtually any location around the world. Manufacturing and shipping times vary, depending on raw materials required, necessary testing, type of product, packaging choices etc. Standard lead times are between 4 and 8 weeks from the time your order confirmation is signed. Your Custom Product Account Manager will be able to give you specific information on the order confirmation.



Distinguish the uniqueness of your product and company by presenting an image conducive to your mission, philosophy and one that speaks to your target audience. Our in-house design team is adept at taking your concepts and creating a dynamic visual presentation. Feel free to view our artwork specifications for submitting logos, artwork, or label designs.
Once your labels are designed, our in-house “masters of print” specialize in state of the art digital press production. Should you select pressure-sensitive roll labels, we have developed good relationships and well-negotiated pricing with preferred vendors. We will do as much or as little of the design and printing of your label as you require.



  1.  Bring your existing original formula to us or let our product development team help you develop your conceptual formula into a finished product.

  2. Fill out the product development request form, determine the delivery system you want to use (capsule, tablet, cream etc.) and our Custom Product Account Manager will contact you to discuss the details and offer suggestions. Your product will be formulated and quoted.

  3. Upon acceptance of the supplement facts box and the quotation, an order confirmation will be issued for your signature to proceed. The order confirmation contains unique specifications for your product as well as payment terms, delivery date and shipping instructions.


We are excited to be involved in the development of your vision and contribute to your success. We invite you to explore the possibilities.