Private Label Artwork Specifications

  • As you begin designing (or are working with a designer to design) your labels, please contact the Highland graphics department to discuss FDA regulations regarding supplement labels.
  • We prefer working with artwork created in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop). If you do not have the original artwork, please submit what you have - i.e. .pdf, .jpg, .tif - and we will do our best to use or reproduce it.
  • TIF or layered PSD files are preferred for photos, and jpeg files are acceptable as long as they are in 300 DPI. Please do not convert 72 DPI images to 300 DPI, as we cannot guarantee quality reproduction. Please do not submit web art.
  • When using linked or embedded files, please include the linked or embedded artwork in its native application. Include specific color information (Pantone colors or CMYK values) if you want to be specific about your label colors. Artwork submitted in RGB colors will be as closely matched as possible, but exact reproduction cannot be guaranteed. Please mail us a color or label sample if you are particular about matching another printed piece.
  • Please include special fonts, especially if font substitution is unacceptable, OR convert all fonts to paths/outlines in your illustration application, preferably Adobe Illustrator. If you convert to paths/outlines or raster text, we will not be able to alter the text information. This means you will have to provide new artwork if you choose to change your existing information (i.e. company name, tagline, phone, email, address info).
  • If your artwork goes to the edge of the label, please extend the art .125 inches (1/8 of an inch) past the edge of the label. This is called a bleed and ensures that when printed and cut, the color(s) extend to the edge of the label. Border-widths around the label are difficult to maintain due to shifting on the cutter. Please consult the label dimensions template provided for correct sizing for your label artwork. If your artwork needs to be resized, you MUST provide editable art or separate elements.
Label Sizes:
Small: 5.625 x 2.125 Image Area:
3.375 x 2.25
Medium: 7 x 2.5 4 x 3.625
Large: 8.25 x 3.125 4.875 x 3.25

  • When preparing to send your artwork, gather all elements, related files and fonts into one folder and compress it before sending via email. The Package feature in InDesign works well for gathering art elements. Please make sure to include a PDF of your artwork.
  • Please consult with the graphics department if you have any questions. Phone (971) 239-0101 or email. Our physical address is: Highland Laboratories, Attn. Graphics Department, 110 S. Garfield St. (shipping)/P.O. Box 199 (mailing), Mt. Angel, Oregon, USA 97362.

Label Backgrounds/Specifications
At Highland Laboratories, we divide a label into two parts: background and imprint. The background of your label is the color portion, unique to your private label and generally contains information you want on every label, regardless of product. In most cases, this includes the overall design (color/artwork), your company name and logo, and your contact information.

We (and you) are required to follow the dietary supplement labeling regulations enacted by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) as well as the United States Congress. Failure to do so can result in stiff fines and the relabeling of all mislabeled product. Therefore, we require the following information to be clearly listed on the background of all your labels:

  • “Manufactured for <your company name>” OR “Distributed by <your company name>” OR “Formulated for <your company name>”
  • Your full physical address (including zip code). If the physical address is not the mailing address, then the FDA also requires EITHER the mailing address OR a contact phone number (including area code) with an answer ing machine. This is required to facilitate consumer contact in the event of an AER (Adverse Event Report): an email address does not meet this requirement.

The exception to this rule exists for companies who are not marketing their product in the United States or any country governed by USFDA/US Congress regulations. In this case, you claim full responsibility for following the legal requirements of the country(s) in which your label will be sold. For more information concerning the US regulations, please see the USFDA website or contact one of their representatives.

You are welcome to include additional information on your label, such as your web/email address.

Product Imprints
Imprints are product-specific. In most cases, they encompass all of the FDA required information pertaining to one specific product, such as:

  • Product name & subhead
  • Product count
  • Dietary supplement or other statement
  • Supplements Facts Box
  • Other ingredients
  • Allergy information
  • Warnings or disclaimers
  • Directions for use
  • Barcode
  • Product number

All this information about the product is printed in black onto your label background when you order the product.