CEO Rob Ugianskis Celebrates First Year on the Job

Highland Laboratories Executive Team
(Clockwise from bottom left) Robert Ugianskis, CEO; John Mills, Director of Quality & Compliance; Michael Carlson, COO; Keith Gregory, CFO; Catherine Douglas, Marketing Director

Mt. Angel, Oregon – November 15, 2016 – Highland Laboratories, a 42-year-old contract and private label vitamin and supplement manufacturer, is growing – in no small part to the leadership of its CEO, Robert Ugianskis, who recently celebrated one year on the job. 

“Highland Laboratories has over 40 years in the vitamins and supplements space, so we have a strong foundation to build upon,” Ugianskis said. “But we are working hard to grow. We’re adding shifts, expanding capacity, and appointing strong individuals in key leadership positions.”

Ugianskis says the real success will come from leveraging the combination of decades of experience in the business with new energy at the executive level. 

“Michael Carlson, our COO, and John Mills, our Director of Quality and Compliance, have been with Highland Laboratories for 14 and 22 years respectively.  Keith Gregory, our CFO, and Catherine Douglas, our Marketing Manager, joined Highland earlier this year.  So, there is a breadth and depth of knowledge on the production side that is a very positive asset to our company, but we are also making big strides forward in the financial analysis and marketing of our business.”

The company has shown a 133% increase in net earnings year over year, and has recently added several jobs through a second shift in manufacturing. 

Over the coming year, the company expects to invest heavily in capital and people.

“The most important thing we’re doing here at Highland is not just investing in capital – which we are – but we are also investing in our people,” states Gregory.  “We’re making sure that we have the right people in the right positions to make sure that we can deliver a quality product.  We’re also investing heavily in quality, so that we can make sure we’re bringing in the right raw materials that meet product specifications, and delivering a quality product on time.”

Ugianskis adds, “I’m excited to continue my leadership at Highland Laboratories. This is a great time in our company and we’re looking forward to continuing today’s success.”

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